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Welcome to the NHLA website. Here you will find information about the New Hampshire Landscape Association and what we have to offer to Homeowners and Landscapers alike. Homeowners and Commercial Businesses will find this site a great resource for locating Landscapers in your local area.


Please go to our welcome page to see why hiring an NHLA member will benefit you or, if you are a Green Industry Professional, why becoming a member will help your business grow!

Upcoming Events

Save the dates for our summer events including Twilight Meetings at Northern Nurseries and Keene State College, a special NHLA Day at Shin-boku Nursery, and the annual Golf Tournament. See calendar

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By hiring an NHLA Landscaper you are hiring a professional, part of a statewide organization with access to many different educational opportunities and with a commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Featured Professional

Cori Cahow

Cori’s love of the outdoors was cultivated when she was a child. Her dad had gone to forestry school and he really knew his trees. Whenever they were outdoors, particularly when they went hiking together, he taught her how to identify trees. In addition to enjoying the outdoors as a hiker she also grew up .... more >