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Welcome to the NHLA website. Here you will find information about the New Hampshire Landscape Association and what we have to offer to Homeowners and Landscapers alike. Homeowners and Commercial Businesses will find this site a great resource for locating Landscapers in your local area.


Please go to our welcome page to see why hiring an NHLA member will benefit you or, if you are a Green Industry Professional, why becoming a member will help your business grow!

Joint Winter Meeting

Join NHLA | NHPGA | UNHCE for our Annual Joint Winter Meeting, January 13, at the Grappone Center, Concord, NH, 8:00 am-3:20 pm.  Details and registration information

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By hiring an NHLA Landscaper you are hiring a professional, part of a statewide organization with access to many different educational opportunities and with a commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Featured Professional

David Alessandroni

Dave’s interest in landscaping started at a very young age. He spent many a day pestering a retired older next-door neighbor while he toiled in his vegetable garden. As his neighbor became less able to do the physical job of mowing his lawn and weeding his garden, Dave became his apprentice. When he started out he used a Reo reel mower that had a separate pull cord with a knot on one end and a small wooden handle at the other. No built in recoil; to start it you wound the cord onto the engine and gave it a pull. Once it started you engaged a belt that drove the hard narrow drive wheels and held on tight while it took you for a fast semi-controlled walk up and down the lawn. Dave’s not sure if .... more >