Featured Professionals

Cori Cahow, NHCLP

Cori’s love of the outdoors was cultivated when she was a child. Her dad had gone to forestry school and he really knew his trees. Whenever they were outdoors, particularly when they went hiking together, he taught her how to identify trees. In addition to enjoying the outdoors as a hiker she also grew up mountain biking and alpine skiing.

After high school Cori traveled out west to ski and see some more of the country, but she missed her family and New Hampshire.

Upon her return to New Hampshire Cori started on a degree in accounting, primarily because she always been good at math and with numbers. During a meeting with her accounting advisor in a windowless office on a beautiful spring day all Cori could think about was how beautiful it was outside and how miserable she was stuck in the building. It was a revelation for her. She also realized that though accounting would have been challenging, which she would have liked, it would also likely have been routine and she could anticipate the boredom.

During that very summer Cori transferred all her general education and other applicable credits to the Thompson School of Applied Science at UNH to pursue a degree in Horticulture. Cori worked full time while taking classes over a four-year period. She worked part time as a bar tender and part time with local landscapers to gain experience and learn about the trade. Cori juggled work and school and family, including the birth of her son, before graduating in May 2009.

After graduation Cori worked at Cole Gardens part time for about 2 seasons while she built confidence and a clientele for starting her own business. She founded her own landscaping company, Organic Garden Girl, in 2010.

Organic Garden Girl’s services include fine gardening, maintenance, installations, renovations, consultations and some design work. Cori’s business reflects her passion for the environment and conserving resources. She uses organic landscape practices and ecological techniques that reduce impact and inputs and include the use of recycled materials.

Most of Cori’s clients are in the Manchester and Concord area where she finds that word of mouth is her best advertising. In addition to landscaping tasks, she enjoys educating her clients about their choices and how they can improve or harm the environment and how if we support Nature, she can take care of herself. Cori likes challenges as well as the diversity and variety of the seasonal and daily work.

Cori has a love of learning and is always interested in hearing about new and better ways to accomplish landscaping tasks. She first joined NHLA in 2008 as a student, and began attending conferences and Twilight Meetings. As part of her continuing education, as a way to differentiate herself and to add to her credentials, Cori pursued her NHCLP designation. She was Certified as a New Hampshire Landscape Professional in March of 2013. And, almost immediately, as a way to stay engaged and give back to the organization, collaborate with peers, and continue her learning Cori joined the Certification Committee.

Over the next few years Cori will be exploring ways to grow her business without getting too far from having her hands in the dirt. She’ll be investigating ways to hire and manage employees, investing in design tools and application,s and optimizing her use of financial tools like QuickBooks.

Cori loves what she does. She can’t imagine accounting making her happy like landscaping does. She is passing on her love of the outdoors, like her father did, and her son now identifies trees for her as they drive down the road.

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