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Spring Kickoff!

Spring Conference for Landscapers

This program is a collaborative effort between NHLA and
UNH Cooperative Extension

Sweeney Hall Auditorium
New Hampshire Technical Institute – Concord's Community College
Concord, NH

March 18, 2015

Pesticide credits pending;
NHCLP credits awarded available

Register online

Program Brochure available here soon



Registration, Visit Vendor Booths, Greet members
Coffee, Tea, Muffins

General Session: The Color of the Native Plant Palette
Robert E. Lyons

10:15-10:30 Announcements and Scholarship Awards
10:15-10:45 Break, visit vendor booths
  Track 1   Track 2
10:45-12:00 Our Industry
Panel Discussion:

Justin White, moderator
OR Pesticide Adjuvants and Efficacy: Do You Know Your Water?
Gary Fish 
12:00-1:00 Lunch / Visit Exhibitors and Vendors
  Track 1   Track 2

Developing a Landscape Weed Management Program
Randy Prostak

OR Digital Garden Photography: Seeing, Composing, and Creating the Image
Robert E. Lyons
2:15-3:15 Developing a Turf Weed Management Program
Randy Prostak
OR Native Plants that Support Native Pollinators
Lionel Chute
Pesticide credits pending;
2 NHCLP Credits awarded for attending Conference.

Registration Details

Early registration is $50 per person if paid in full by March 10 2015). Late registration or payment at the door is $60 per person. Student registrations: $25 before March 10. (Please call 862-3208 if you would like to register as a student.) No refunds after March 10 and lunch is not guaranteed for registrations after March 10.
Note: we cannot give refunds for non-attendance.

RSVP by March 10, 2015

Register online

Program Brochure with mail in form will soon be available here

Students, pleases call 862-3208 to register.

Questions? Questions about registration should be sent to: suzanne.hebert@unh.edu or call 603-862-3200.
Exhibitors should contact Jon Batson, NHLA Ed Committee Chair at jontree13@aol.com or 603-335-5372.
For other questions, contact Cathy Neal, UNH Cooperative Extension Specialist at cathy.neal@unh.edu or 603-862-3208.

Review of Educational Sessions

The Color of the Native Plant Palette

Presenter: Robert E. Lyons, Professor Emeritus, Landscape Horticulture, University of Delaware
Herbaceous plants have a prominent position within plant selection strategies for creating cultivated, sustainable landscapes. Whether annual, perennial, or somewhere in between, these plants have continued to attract widespread attention by gardeners and commercial landscapers alike for their flowering and/or foliage features. Perhaps no other time in the history of herbaceous plant cultivation have we witnessed such a plethora of new and different plant choices in the marketplace, providing pleasant challenges for any gardener planning a new garden or enhancing those already existing. Color, site suitability, cost, and life cycle have frequently predominated most anyone’s decision process, and now species nativity has experienced a heightened value in making one’s selection.  A wide array of suitable native species and derived cultivars will be discussed in this presentation, highlighting those plants with qualities that are frequently considered colorful and visually appealing by landscapers and gardeners alike. Attention will also be given to highlighting and discussing aggressive natives and the sensible inclusion of non-native, non-invasive plants that contribute to successful landscape performance, visual interest, and function within a low maintenance philosophy. Making smart plant selection decisions with an open mind will be stressed throughout this presentation.           

Hiring, Retaining & Professionalizing Our Industry

A panel discussion, Justin White, moderator
Panelists will share their experiences and perspectives on ways to manage and develop emerging talent for their respective work force. Featuring Michael Dividsohn, Director of the Stockbridge Landscape Contracting Program, Univ. of Massachusetts; Mark Helman, CFO at R.P. Marzilli & Co., Medway Ma, and Gary Nedorostek, NE Asst. Division Manager for Bartlett Tree; and Gary Tasker, Tasker Landscaping, Loudon NH                                  

Pesticide Adjuvants and Efficacy – Do You Know Your Water?

Presenter: Gary Fish, Manager of Pesticide Programs, Maine Board of Pesticides Control
Gary will cover the importance of knowing properties of the water you mix with pesticides and how pH, hardness, purity and turbidity can inactivate many pesticides. He will show how these problems occur and how some properly chosen adjuvants can solve these water problems.

Developing a Landscape Weed Management Program

Presenter: Randy Prostak, UMass Extension
This presentation will review key components of an ecologically sound and effective weed management program in landscaped areas. Common landscape weeds, practices, strategies, and products will be discussed.    

Developing a Turf Weed Management Program

Presenter: Randy Prostak, UMass Extension
Common turf practices, strategies and products for weed management in turfgrass will be discussed, enabling attendees to plan an effective and environmentally sound plan for 2015.                                                                   

Digital Garden Photography: Seeing, Composing, and Creating the Image

Presenter: Robert E. Lyons, Professor Emeritus, Landscape Horticulture, University of Delaware
This talk is all about using your eyes, your mind, and your camera to capture either extended or fleeting moments in your personal landscapes. They may be your gardens, those of your clients, vignettes from your travels, and/or simple records of favorite plants. This talk is example-driven and provides understandable information to create aesthetically pleasing and pragmatic images…..suitable for framing, teaching, selling a job proposal, or all three. Equipment details and camera mechanics will be discussed only briefly, emphasizing instead, the impact and exploitation of prevailing light, photographic composition, and developing a personal style. This talk is relevant for camera aficionados of all levels, particularly early stage photographers, as well as for anyone wishing to appreciate the world around them and/or create images for keeping a reference history of landscape projects.

Native Plants that Support Native Pollinators

Presenter: Lionel Chute, Director of Natural Resources, Sullivan County, NH
Which native (or naturalized) plants provide the best pollen and nectar sources for the native pollinators in New Hampshire? How can landscapes help support pollination services and biodiversity in our State? This talk will include a review of what is known about both woody and non-woody plants as pollinator habitat.

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