President's Message

By John Crooks, NHCLP

August 2015

The big move or the slow migration is the question. After running John’s Landscaping of Madbury, NH out of my home and very small parcel of land surrounding my home for the past 17.5 years the time has come to make the move to a new location. We have added more trucks, trailers, equipment, and employees over the past couple of years making it harder to operate in such tight quarters.

We have been searching for a new location for the past couple of years as well, but the bigger we grow the more important it is to make that move. I was lucky to find a location in Madbury at a price I could afford. It has plenty of yard space, a small workshop, and an office.

The first move was with the trucks and half of the trailers. Slowly the rest of the equipment will migrate to the new location. I have moved most of my office but still am in need of internet and phone which is scheduled to be installed at the beginning of next week. More than likely we will need a storage container or something to keep some of our small equipment secure and protected from the weather.

It is nice to separate home and office as well. Now when I go to work I will be able to focus on the business. When I go home I can forget about work at least to some extent and enjoy my own landscape. Figuring out how everything is going to work will be part of the fun.

It is also somewhat challenging at the moment with some stuff here and some stuff there. You know how it goes when what you need is never where you need it. While in transition this seems to be one of the biggest hurdles, but it will only make me migrate all the faster.

My significant other, Lori, will enjoy this the most I’m sure. No more public rest room with employees running in and out all the time tracking up the floor. She will have her house back after so many years. The yard won’t be cluttered with equipment anymore, and she can enjoy our landscape in peace. Though she will still monitor the phone for me and relay messages for the time being.

The environment will be better for my employees as well. Rather than reporting to my house at the start of the day and end of the day they can meet at the office. Time cards and rack have been relocated along with the tablets they have started to use this summer to track their work. They seem to be enjoying the move as well.

As for me, I now have a 6 mile-12 minute ride to work and you know it feels good. I always look at things in a positive way and this move is no different. It can only make my business run smoother and our ability to grow that much easier. It will give my business more of a professional feel to have its own location rather than being based at my house.

I would have liked a location with a building that we could repair our equipment when the need arises, maybe pull a truck into in the winter. The cost for a location with a building was more than I was willing to spend at this time and none of the locations seemed to have a big enough yard for us to operate the business out of.

Enough about my business and our big move. Where is your business located? Are you prepared for future growth? Do you have all the building, yard and office space you need for your business to run smoothly?

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