A Brief History of the New Hampshire Landscape Association

NHLA's beginnings date from February, 1981. Leon Pearson, Don Tordoff, Dave Sansom, Rick Simpson, Jean Stimmell, George Pellettieri, Dick Gagne, William Elliot, Mark Goddard, Andy Sherburne, Gary Hinz, and Karl Sargent were some of the early organizers, whose intent was to form a landscape contractors association for New Hampshire. Eight months later the New Hampshire Landscape Association was officially founded. The objectives of the organization were, and are:

  1. To promote the professional development of those engaged in all phases of landscape work in the state of New Hampshire.
  2. To promote and advance ethical practices throughout the industry in the state of New Hampshire.
  3. To coordinate the efforts of professional and allied landscape organizations serving in and for the state of New Hampshire.
  4. To gather, analyze and disseminate information of general interest, related to the industry, to the membership of the Association and to the public.
  5. To cooperate with governmental agencies in molding policies on legislative and administrative matters in the interest of the public and of the industry.
  6. To engage in any lawful activities which will enhance the efficient, sensitive and economic progress of the industry in the state of New Hampshire, and which will inform the public of the industry's scope and character.

A new goal was added in 1993:

       7.  To promulgate sound and responsible environmental and ecological practices.

Honor Roll of NHLA Presidents

1982 Andy Sherburne
1983 George Pellettieri
1984 Alan Anderson
1985 Palmer Koelb
1986 Peter Kidd
1987 Laurence Coronis
1988 Douglas Gagne
1989 Phil Caldwell
1990 William Hoffman
1991 James Myers
1992 David Alessandroni
1993 Chuck Simpson
1994 William Gardocki
1995 Richard Rideout
1996 Susanne Smith Meyer
1997 Ken Burt
1998 Anne Colby Hines
1999 Dana Sansom
2000 Michael Garrity
2001 Michael Garrity
2002 Kerry Schleyer
2003 Mick Sheffield
2004 Mick Sheffield
2005 Karen Johnson Wheeler
2006 Diane Perkins
2007 Diane Perkins
2008 Jon Batson
2009 Jon Batson
2010 David DeJohn
2011 David DeJohn
2012 Pete DeBrusk
2013 Pete DeBrusk
2014 John Crooks
2015 John Crooks
2016 David DeJohn
2017 David DeJohn