Certified Professionals

Below are the current NH Certified Landscape Professionals. To contact any of them, please search for their name or company in the NHLA Directory. If a company does not show up in your search, it means they are not current NHLA members. Not all certified professionals are from member firms.
Updated March 2018

David Alessandroni, Carroll County Landscape
Elene Arguropoulos, Lakestreet Garden Center
Scott Arsenault, Piscataqua Landscaping
Jon Batson, Jenesis Gardens & Design
Kathleen Bean, Surfside Landscape and Container Design
Robert Bennet, UNH Grounds & Events
Zachary Berger, Zachary Berger Associates
Jesse Berthe, Piscataqua Landscaping & Tree Service
Jan Bicknell, Carroll County Landscape
Cris Blackstone, Gold Star Garden Discovery
Tessa Boyce, Piscataqua Landscaping
Jill Butler, Blue Seal Feed
Cori Cahow, Organic Garden Girl
Lauren Chase-Rowell, Outdoor Rooms Permaculture Design
John Crooks, John's Landscaping of Madbury
Kyle Cummings, Pellettieri Associsates Inc.
Mark Dandison, Piscataqua Landscaping
Steven Davis, Bigelow Nurseries, Inc.
David DeJohn, De John Landscaping LLC
Nathan Doty, The Doty Group
Beth Dragon, Springledge Farm
Jeff Edmond, Millican Nurseries, Inc.
Mark Ernst, C&W Services (Grounds, St. Thomas Aquinas)
Michelle Fischer, Michelle Fischer Find Gardening and Design
Scot Flewelling, Stephens Landscaping Professionals LLC
Joseph Geisler
David Gridley, Gridley Tree & Landscape
Matt Gunn, M Gunn Design
Melody Hughes, Turbocam, Inc.
Paul James, Landscape Matters LLC
Derek Jolie, D.S. Jolie Landscapes
Emily Kallgren, Distinctive Gardening, Inc.
Jason Kindstedt, Green Penguin Landscaping
Patricia Laughlin, Lorax Landscaping
Greg Lund, Piscataqua Landscaping, Inc.
James Malo, UNH Grounds & Events
Andrew Mauch, Millican Nurseries, Inc.
Malcolm McPhail, North Country Tractor
David Meulenbroek, Studleys Flower Gardens
Jeffrey Meulenbroek, Studleys Flower Gardens
Ken Michael, Millican Nurseries
Steve Mitchell, Natures Elite Landscaping
Tyrrell Nickerson, Carroll County Landscape
Michael Nicolay, Apples and Oranges, LLC
Jessica Noyes, Bayberry Nurseries
Patrick Pascucci, Links2Lawn
Denise Rico, Terra Design
Graham Roberge, Piscataqua Landscaping
Jamie Roberge, Piscataqua Landscaping
Jennifer Roth, Jenesis Gardens & Design
Wickie Rowland, Drawing Room Ink, LLC
Stephanie Sanford, Belknap Landscape Co., Inc.
Dana Sansom
Justin Savickis, Rolling Green Nursery
Kerry Schleyer, Elm Grove Property Solutions, LLC
Mick Sheffield, LaBrie Associates
John Sigmund, Fox Ridge Landscaping
Rick Simpson, Rolling Green Nursery LLC
Lizette Sliter, Garden Life
Elizabeth Stavru, Stone Blossom Landscape & Design, LLC
John Stephens, Stephens Landscaping Professionals LLC
Jacques Steyn, Carroll County Landscape
Jenny Stuart, The Secret Gardener
Sean Sweeney, Blue Ribbon Landscaping
Katie Warren, Salmon Falls Nursery & Landscape
Ed Wilson, GA UNH Facilities